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What Stocks and GDP Say About Obama's Chances

What Stocks and GDP Say About Obama's Chances
His stock market record is among the best of all the administrations that have held office over the last century. But in terms of economic growth, the record is among the poorest. The accompanying chart measures the performance of the stock market and ...
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Trading On Twitter: How Trends May Predict Stock Market Values
Twitter/stock market researcher talks to WPN on whether Romney campaign's recent Etch a Sketch buzz caused that company's stock boom. By Drew Bowling · 6 hours ago · Leave a Comment Those trending topics on the left-hand sidebar of your Twitter account ...
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Cambodia Gets Ready to Open Its Stock Exchange
One of thousands of Cambodians who have attended stock trading seminars in Phnom Penh, Min says she'll take as much as one-third of the $ 300 monthly salary she expects to earn next year and invest it in the country's stock exchange, which is scheduled ...
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