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How the Stock Exchange works

Why are there stocks at all? Everyday in the news we hear about the stock exchange, stocks and money moving around the globe. Still, a lot of people don't ha...


How To Make A Quick $20,000 With Stock Trades

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6 Rules For Successful Stock Market Investing

6 Rules For Successful Stock Market Investing

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Small business tax deduction extended

Small business tax deduction extended
The deduction applies mainly to smaller businesses, as the deduction cap is reduced dollar for dollar by the amount a business' qualifying purchases exceed $ 2 million for the year (or by the amount that it exceeds $ 200,000, if the president does not ...
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Mark Wright wins The Apprentice 2014 and becomes Lord Sugar's next business ...
Winner Wright, originally from Australia, explained that the UK was a dream location to start a new business. His work involves digital marketing and search engine optimisation to help push businesses up online searches. He said: “London particularly ...
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CDC listeria report hurts local business
The report linked the listeria outbreak to pre-packaged, mass produced caramel apples and not the ones made fresh daily by local businesses. And unlike the pre-packaged caramel apples you find in stores the apples at Caramel Creations are refrigerated ...
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After A Massive Year For IPOs, Wall Street Is On Standby For...
New York (AFP) - Wall Street in 2014 enjoyed its best year for initial public offerings since 2000, thanks to the record-setting flotation of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba and a barrage of biotech deals. Activity was "uninterrupted" and proved largely ...
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Unusual office-furniture business expanding, hiring
Beyond the Office Door sells to businesses of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada, but because it hasn't had a high-profile local presence, Knighton, 31, said the company has nearly zero local customers. But he said the move to the bigger location and ...
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How JP Morgan Does Business, in 100 Pages
J.P. Morgan Chase JPM +0.73% & Co. released a report on how it does business Friday that acknowledges its mistakes and details how it is improving its culture and controls among other things. The report was initiated in response to a request from a ...
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Business News Roundup, Dec. 19
The Dow Jones industrial average had its biggest increase in three years Thursday, rising sharply for a second day. The Federal Reserve set off the rally a day earlier by indicating that it was in no hurry to raise interest rates. The gains were led by ...
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DA Smart – The Best Out (feat. Benny Bad News)

DA Smart - The Best Out (feat. Benny Bad News)

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Business – Financial – Stock Exchange – Real Estate – Employment News 2013 – 2014 — Weekly Wrap

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How To Make Money From The Stock Market

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Tax Expert Tom Wheelwright Reveals Why Extenders Bill Should be Permanent Versus Retroactive

Temple, Arizona (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

To encourage small business growth in the U.S., Tom Wheelwright, CPA, CEO of ProVision, and Author of Tax-Free Wealth, emphasizes why tax incentives for business in the Extenders Bill should be permanent tax deductions versus retroactive. Dozens of tax breaks for individuals and businesses expired in January 2014, and this pattern of passing an Extenders Bill at the last minute so taxpayers can claim deductions on their returns makes financial planning a challenge.

What most people dont realize is that the Internal Revenue Code (the tax law) is designed to encourage certain activities that benefit the American public. The current Extenders Bill only deals with 2014, which is already past. So basically, it is a give-away to people who took specific investment actions they hoped would be recognized with tax savings if, and when an extension of the tax benefits is passed by Congress. ~ Tom Wheelwright, CPA and CEO ProVision

While many extenders are for individuals (such as education credits that encourage people to get advanced degrees and further their education), other provisions encourage businesses to take risk and invest in something that will benefit the overall economy. Three of the business tax benefits in the Extenders Bill that are particularly important to small and growing businesses include:

1. Equipment Deductions This Section 179 provision allows small business owners to deduct equipment purchased in the year they purchased it, rather than normal requirement to take a small deduction every year for 5-15 years. The Bill allows small business to deduct up to $ 500,000 of equipment in a single year. This is a terrific incentive for businesses to reinvest their profits back into their business. Without this provision, a business that reinvested its profits would pay tax on money they didnt have, as the profit would be taxed in the current year and the deduction wouldnt happen for several years in the future.

2. Bonus Depreciation - This deduction is equal to 50% of all new equipment purchased during the year. It applies to all businesses, not just small businesses. Whereas the Section 179 deduction applies equally to new and used equipment, bonus depreciation only applies to new equipment. So it encourages the creation of new production equipment, and is intended to stimulate additional business infrastructure.

3. Research and Development Tax Credit - The third and perhaps most important of the business incentives in the Extenders Bill is the research and development tax credit. This credit, which has been an extender ever since it first came into existence (i.e., it was never a permanent provision), provides an incentive to businesses to do new research and develop new ideas.

While the Extenders Bill is only retroactive, and doesnt really provide an incentive for new activity, Wheelwright believes that its passing does give hope to business owners. It rewards those who took the risks in 2014, and provides a baseline for permanent tax reform.

Now that the Republicans control the House and the Senate, President Obama has taken up the tax reform cry. Obama is making taxes his top project on his domestic agenda for the next two years. Wheelwright predicts this tax focus will most likely result in a boxing match between the President and Republican House and Senate with the hope of some real tax reform over the next couple of years.

Looking ahead, Wheelwright underscores, Hopefully, we will get some real tax reform over the next couple of years. It is not an easy battle; nor should it be. There will be winners and losers. Lets hope that small business owners, who provide most of the jobs and economic activity in this country, come out winners. If they win, everyone wins.


Tom Wheelwright, CPA and CEO of ProVision, is a leading tax and wealth expert, speaker, published author of "Tax-Free Wealth" on partnerships and corporation tax strategies, and a Rich Dad Advisor/Speaker for Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. Donald Trump selected Tom to contribute to his Wealth Builders Program, calling Tom "the best of the best." He is best known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes. He is also the Founder of WealthStrategyU, and has been featured in Accounting Today, Deseret News National, and CEO Blog Nation, and as a guest on the Real Estate Guys Radio Show and Money Radio 1510 Business for Breakfast. http://taxfreewealthadvisor.com

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