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Uterine Morcellation News: Bernstein Liebhard LLP Notes Filing of New Lawsuit Alleging Storz Power Morcellator Is Unsafe

New York, New York (PRWEB) January 12, 2015

Power morcellator lawsuits (http://www.morcellatorlawsuit2015.com) continue to be filed in U.S. courts on behalf of women who allegedly experienced the spread of gynecological cancers due to uterine morcellation, Bernstein Liebhard LLP reports. Most recently, morcellator manufacturer Karl Storz was named a defendant in a complaint filed on December 23, 2014, in the U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina, which alleges the companys Storz Rotocut GI Morcellator is unsafe for its intended use. (Case No. 2:14-cv-04839-RMG)

According to the morcellator lawsuit, the plaintiff underwent a supra-cervical hysterectomy in December 2011 to remove a uterine fibroid. Following the surgery, it was determined that the fibroid was actually a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer. The complaint alleges that the Storz morcellator potentially disseminated the cancer cells into the plaintiffs peritoneal cavity as it shred her uterine tissue. This potential dissemination worsened her long-term prognosis for the course of this cancer, the lawsuit alleges.

Our Firm is investigating a number of claims on behalf of women who are also alleged to have experienced the spread of dangerous gynecological cancers due to power morcellators. Considering the amount of attention this issue has garnered over the past year, we are not surprised to see these types of filings. We will continue to monitor this growing litigation with great interest, says Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a nationwide law firm representing victims of defective drugs and medical devices. The Firm is providing free legal consultations to women who were diagnosed with advanced uterine cancers following uterine morcellation.

Uterine Morcellation and Cancer

Power morcellators like the one at the center of this lawsuit are used to cut up uterine tissue during hysterectomies and fibroid removal procedures in order to allow its removal through a small abdominal incision. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been reviewing the association between uterine morcellation and cancer since April, when it first discouraged the use of power morcellators in hysterectomies and fibroid removal procedures due to their potential to disseminate undetected malignancies beyond the uterus.* On November 24th, the agency issued a second alert that warned against the use of the devices in most women, and asked power morcellator manufacturers to add a new black box warning the strongest possible safety notice regarding this life-threatening complication to their labels.

The FDAs most recent communication noted that the prevalence of unsuspected uterine sarcoma in patients undergoing hysterectomy or fibroid removal surgery is 1 in 352, while the prevalence of unsuspected uterine leiomyosarcoma is 1 in 498. Both of these estimates are higher than the clinical community previously understood. Among other things, the agency pointed out that it is difficult to screen for these malignancies prior to surgery, and that the dissemination of cancer cells during uterine morcellation can upstage the disease and greatly reduce a womans chances for long-term survival.

Court documents indicate that the lawsuit filed last month against Karl Storz is just one of numerous brought in U.S. courts since the FDA began investigating the cancer risks associated with power morcellators. For example, a complaint filed on December 3, 2014, in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri, alleged that the use of one of Ethicon Inc.s Gynecare morcellators during a hysterectomy resulted in a womans death due to the rapid upstaging of uterine cancer. (Case 4:14-cv-01074-JTM) In October 2014, a similar complaint was filed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California on behalf of a woman who allegedly experienced the spread of uterine cancer due to a Gyrus Power Morcellator. (Case No. No. 2:14-2375)

Alleged victims of uterine sarcoma or other cancers allegedly spread via power morcellation may be entitled to compensation for their injury-related damages. To learn more about filing a morcellator lawsuit, please visit Bernstein Liebhard LLP's website. To obtain a free legal review, please call 800-511-5092.

*fda.gov/medicaldevices/safety/alertsandnotices/ucm393576.htm, FDA, April 17, 2014

About Bernstein Liebhard LLP

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is a New York-based law firm exclusively representing injured persons in complex individual and class action lawsuits nationwide since 1993. As a national law firm, Bernstein Liebhard LLP possesses all of the legal and financial resources required to successfully challenge billion dollar pharmaceutical and medical device companies. As a result, our attorneys and legal staff have been able to recover more than $ 3 billion on behalf of our clients. The Firm has been named by The National Law Journal to the Plaintiffs Hot List, recognizing the top plaintiffs firms in the country, for the past 12 consecutive years. Bernstein Liebhard LLP is the only firm in the country to be named to this prestigious list every year since it was first published in 2003.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP

10 East 40th Street

New York, New York 10016




Business – Financial – Stock Exchange – Real Estate – Employment News 2013 – 2014 — Weekly Wrap

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Richard Asher Purchases Pudge Brothers Pizza Franchise

Aurora, Colo. (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Like many other young adults, Richard Asher loved pizza in his 20s so much so that he dreamed of owning his very own pizza restaurant. Now, years later, Asher is finally able to make that dream a reality with his purchase of an existing Pudge Brothers Pizza franchise location.

Prior to taking the plunge into franchise ownership, Asher worked at a home improvement store for 27 years, holding almost every job imaginable. But he wanted something more out of his career and decided to put his decades of experience to the test by branching out on his own.

I wanted to control my own earning potential, Asher explained. As a business owner, he enjoys not having to answer to anyone but himself, and the freedom he has to spend more time on his hobbies, including camping and biking.

Asher called upon small business financing firm Guidant Financial to help him fund his franchise. Using an alternative method known as a Rollover for Business Start-up, he leveraged his retirement funds to invest in his new business without taking a taxable distribution.

[Working with Guidant was] very easy, Asher said of the financing process. [They] handled every step of the way and kept me on track to get the purchase done in less than a month.

Asher is now quick to endorse 401(k) rollovers as a leading method to buy a business. If you want to pursue [owning] your own business and you have retirement funds then I would recommend utilizing Guidant to get you there.

More than just a pizza restaurant, Pudge Brothers Pizza is a community-oriented business that focuses on the core values of respect, neighborhood support, consistency and friendliness. Aside from its hand-tossed dough and fresh ingredients, Pudge Brothers also offers many other delicious menu options to satisfy any appetite, including sub sandwiches, ribs, burgers, chicken, Stromboli, Italian dinners and more.

Pudge Brothers Pizza in Aurora, located at 4034 S. Parker Rd., is open for business. To learn more about their menu, call 303-680-1116 or order online at pudgebrosquincy.com.


About Pudge Brothers Pizza

Founded in Denver, Pudge Brothers Pizza combines quality, values and award-winning appeal. With its three sauces, homemade recipes, fresh ingredients and hand-tossed dough made daily from scratch, Pudge Brothers offers a combination that cant be beat. In fact, Pudge Brothers Pizza was voted better than other national chains in a recent Rocky Mountain News taste test. Learn more at pudgebrotherspizza.com.

About Guidant Financial

Guidant Financial helps people create the life they want through innovative small business financing. They are the premier provider of rollovers for business start-ups (ROBS). Guidant's services allow people from all walks of life the freedom to purchase small businesses and franchises using their retirement funds without taking a taxable distribution or getting a loan, in addition to offering traditional funding options such as SBA loans, portfolio loans and unsecured credit. Visit Guidant on the Web at guidantfinancial.com.


David Drake Of Victoria Global Presents U.S. Investments Such As American Homeowner Preservation To The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 30, 2014

Ahu Dhabi Investment Authoritys real estate investments are spread around the globe. David Drake says, ADIA is a key purchaser of institutional real estate in the U.S. using sub-entities. It has invested across real estate asset types in the country, reaching up to 10 percent of its capital. Drake provided insight on new opportunities upcoming in the U.S, including real estate crowdfunding sites such as American Homeowner Preservation ("AHP").

Drake says, Four years ago, we did not expect unemployment problem in the U.S. and we were caught flat footed. Last Friday, November 21st, we never expected the lowering of interest rates by China. This surprising move had an overall positive effect on the exchanges globally. Drake further adds, Yet despite recent developments, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi is pushing for anti-inflation measures and government-backed bonds while Europe faces an 11.5 percent unemployment.

Drake is the founder and chairman of Victoria Global, his holding company with three major divisions. The Finance Group consists of LDJ Capital, the private equity advisory firm; Victoria Partners, a family office advisory firm based in London with offices in Dubai, Rome and Singapore; as well as ConnectInvest, its business intelligence unit.

Recently, Drake founded the Drake Hospitality Group. It plans to have five star hotels in Fort Lauderdale, London, Singapore and more within the next five years with its flagship in New York City.

Drake re-engineered The Soho Loft, which he owned since 2001 as a venue for talks and events with VIP dinners being organized almost nightly with its own chef and serving the financial sector and other NY communities, to what it is now The Soho Loft Media Group which organizes and supports more than 200 global financial conferences yearly since 2011. As early as 2013, The Soho Loft initiated the discussions on real estate crowdfunding in the U.S. RealCap Chicago is one such conference that provides entrepreneurs the how tos in raising capital online. RealCap Chicago series is being conducted in collaboration with AHP, one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in the U.S.

Jorge Newbery, AHPs founder and CEO, supported the RealCap series as diamond sponsor this past September, as well as the upcoming edition on April 16, 2015. The conferences objective is to teach the participants how to get real estate projects funded online. The event will show how to raise debt and equity in an online platform to purchase commercial or multifamily properties, construct fix & flip homes, or get your project off the ground. Newbery says, These conferences provide cutting edge educational opportunities and great networking.

Drake is continuing his travels every few days to a different city and country, spreading his wealth of knowledge about investment opportunities such as AHP. He meets up with policy makers, regulators and investment groups and interviews them. He works across the ecosystem that finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These financiers include family offices such as the Rockefellers, venture capitalists, CEOs of crowdfunding platforms, and business angels. He is a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and the European Business Angels NetworK (EBAN). He is working with Arabreneur to launch the Middle East Business Angels Network (MBAN) in Dubai next year. MBAN is being hosted by EBAN for six months in Brussels, Belgium. MBAN would be the first to support the ecosystems in the region.

Drake will also bring best practices of global startups and enterprises to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE region through his publications, financial advisory firm and brand marketing strategy firm. The region has the Flat6Labs accelerator in Jeddah that is expanding to Abu Dhabi last week. Incubators and accelerators are fascinating topics as he works with angel networks globally and helps launch MBAN for the region.

Watch for more The Soho Loft Conferences happening across the country and around the world, the next one may be in your city. To get VIP access to major conferences that intersect finance with key industries and for other exciting perks and benefits, consider the annual membership programs at http://www.thesoholoft.com/vipmembers.


THE SOHO LOFT Media Group (http://www.thesoholoft.com) is a global financial media company with 3 divisions:

TIMES IMPACT PUBLICATIONS (which includes http://www.TimesRealtyNews.com) produces relevant content on investing and entrepreneurship that are published and syndicated in 100+ leading online publications and growing.

THE SOHO LOFT CONFERENCES (thesoholoft.com/upcoming-conferences/) organizes up to 200+ investor-focused global summits, talks and events annually.

VICTORIA GLOBAL (victoriaglobal.co/) Corporate Communications specializes in client Investor Relations, Public Relations, Branding and Social Media Marketing.

The Soho Loft Media Group is your global partner for your investment and business strategies.

For inquiries, contact info(at)thesoholoft(dot)com or call 212.845.9652

American Homeowner Preservation is a socially responsible investment fund manager which empowers accredited investors to purchase equity in pools of distressed mortgages and earn returns of 9-12%. For further information or inquiries please visit ahpinvest.com or call 800-555-1055.

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Watch Out, the New Banks Have Arrived | FC Business Intelligence

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 25 November 2014

Old meets new in the banking space as FC Business Intelligence announces its line-up of attending organisations at the Customer Analytics and Insights in Retail Financial Services networking summit. Fifty attendees are already registered to attend coming from a diverse range of companies like Knab Bank, Virgin Money, Swedbank, the Cooperative Bank, Barclays, Raiffeisen Bank, Lloyds and many more.

For news on the line up of attendees, go here http://bit.ly/1zRW450

This year Virgin Money has moved even further in to the retail banking space by offering current accounts (LoveMoney, https://www.lovemoney.com/news/31618/virgin-money-launches-first-current-account). This is certainly not the first of the new financial offerings to enter the market over the past few years.

Two of the UKs biggest retailers have exploded on to the banking scene with M&S Bank and Sainsburys Bank. Metro Bank has started up as the first new high street bank in over 100 years. Newest arrivals Paragon Bank and Axis Bank have also emerged as new contenders to the market.

Across the waters, continental Europe is not being left behind with Netherlands-based Knab Bank and Germany-based Fidor Bank both internet banks standing in the spotlight as new, innovative and trendy.

Competition in banking is fiercer than ever moving in to 2015. The battle to reduce churn and focus on new onboarding strategies has led financial services in an epic race to the bottom.

In a recent survey 77% agreed that their organisation has changed significantly over the past 5 years to accommodate for improved data and analytics functionality (FC Business Intelligence, http://www.customer-analytics-in-finance.com/media-centre.php).

Meeting this rivalry face on, the Customer Analytics and Insights in Retail Financial Services networking event (http://www.customer-analytics-in-finance.com/index.php) puts this changing banking scene under the microscope. It analyses the nuts and bolts underpinning the successes being made using data and analytics to better corroborate marketing and digital platforms.

UK Supermarket giants, Tesco Bank has also not been shy to claim its territory in this space since its arrival over 7 years ago. Earlier this year, John Halpin, Head of Customer Analytics joined the inaugural event where he sat amongst a variety of players including AIB Bank, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander. He commented that he saw awide variety of topics and debate [and] new useful insights at the show.

The question must be raised, what can new banks do that old ones cant? The event will bring together new financial players to speak about their emergence on to the scene and will look at what traditional players are doing to counter their challengers.

About FC Business Intelligence

FC Business Intelligence has been around for over 20 years and provides news, reports and events services across 30+ industry verticals. Our Financial Services Analytics department has now run several different events including a US and UK version Banking and Insurance Analytics events which have been extremely well received across the banking sector.

Brittany Marshall, Head of Marketing, Financial Services Division, FC Business Intelligence

W: http://www.customer-analytics-in-finance.com | T: +44 (0) 207 422 4369 | E: bmarshall(at)fc-bi(dot)com

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Jim Puplava offers financial sense and some positive news

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Financial Times refreshes its newspaper for the digital age

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- Bankers Educate on Financial Literacy (12-6-13)

- Bankers Educate on Financial Literacy (12-6-13)

from GEAR UP News Stories

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Medicaid Expansion Spurs Enrollment, Premium Revenue Increases in First Half of 2014, New AIS Report Finds

(PRWEB) September 11, 2014

After several years in development, the expansion of the Medicaid program is now showing real results. Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) the industry-leading publisher of Medicare Advantage News, AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data: 2014 and the authoritative AISs Directory of Health Plans has analyzed the latest available data on Medicaid expansion efforts in Medicaid Expansion: Mid-Year 2014 Results, a new report that provides a thorough picture of how the Medicaid market is shaping up right now.

With data comparing Medicaid enrollment stats from the June/July timeframe to the beginning of 2014, analysis in Medicaid Expansion: Mid-Year 2014 Results has found:

Enrollment in all Medicaid programs, including SCHIP and other related programs, is up nearly 11% nationally during the first half of 2014.
21 managed care companies have entered the Medicaid market for the first time in states with Medicaid expansion programs.
In total, existing plans that increased enrollment in Medicaid expansion states have gained more than 3.9 million members, and these new members represent 5% of the total managed Medicaid membership in these states.
Based on a sample group, premium revenue is up by an average of 10.2%.

Through clearly presented charts, tables and narrative summaries, Medicaid Expansion: Mid-Year 2014 Results makes it easy for users to:

Compare changes in Medicaid enrollment between participating states and non-participating states to help quantify outcomes.
Analyze the expanding or shrinking market share by state, by company or by county and see how new Medicaid plans are faring.
Learn which companies have earned the most market share in each state and how they have balanced new revenue opportunities with increased operational spending.
Determine the percentage of a participating states population that is enrolled in Medicaid, and how that number has changed over the first half of 2014.
Understand which counties in each state are experiencing the greatest enrollment increases.
Identify the top issues for states that arent participating in Medicaid expansion, and the potential cost savings they are missing.
Assess the financial impact for companies that made investments or acquisitions to enter certain state Medicaid markets in anticipation of expansion.
Understand the extent to which Medicaid expansion is actually resulting in greater enrollment and premium revenue for plans operating in those states.

The research and data tracking in Medicaid Expansion: Mid-Year 2014 Results is conducted by AISs in-house Directory & Databases division, which works exclusively for AIS to collect the latest available Medicaid enrollment per company, state and county. Sources are state Medicaid agencies and Medicaid managed care organizations.

For more information, including a full table of contents, visit http://aishealth.com/marketplace/medicaid-expansion-results.

About Atlantic Information Services

Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) is a publishing and information company that has been serving the health care industry for more than 25 years. It develops highly targeted news, data and strategic information for managers in hospitals, health plans, medical group practices, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations. AIS products include print and electronic newsletters, websites, looseleafs, books, strategic reports, databases, webinars and conferences. Learn more at http://AISHealth.com.

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